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    Here are 5 easy tips to get you started:

    1. Post Consistently

    Posting consistently does not mean posting a lot, just at regular intervals. Social media sites will distribute your posts to more viewers if you post consistently. If you’re new to social media, try to commit to one post a day or week at the same time. Work your way up to posting more frequently as you have time – find the “sweet” spot that you feel comfortable with.

    1. Post Videos

    Unless you’re just working Twitter, posting visual elements is not an option. Remember, you’re competing with millions of people on social media for your customer’s attention. For best results, post videos – it’s an established fact that people engage more with video than with photos. And a subtle reminder – if you’re shooting video on your smartphone, shoot horizontally! Ever watch a vertical video that has large black, white or blurred space on the left and right side? That’s wasted video.

    1. Post Engaging and Relevant Content – Not All Ads!

    Nothing drives a visitor away more than paragraphs of plain text. You can occasionally post “sales” type posts, (even with photos) but if that’s all you’re posting, you won’t have much engagement. Instead, post content your potential customer may be looking for.

    People on social media and on the Internet, are constantly being bombarded by advertising. This makes finding relevant content harder. Position your company as theauthority in your market, and your visitors will appreciate finding relevant content and will return for more.

    Examples – if you have a boat dealership, post information about the care and upkeep of a boat or time saving methods of maintenance. If you offer rentals, post photos or videos of people enjoying your products and services or show different ways to have fun and enjoy the products and services you offer – but without the hard sell.

    1. Start a Business Page

    If you’re using your personal Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, consider setting up a business page. The obvious benefit is separating your personal posts and interests from those of your business. Secondly, business pages are treated differently – some media sites have automation tools for posting on business pages or can track engagement and feedback. Finally, most social media business pages allow you to assign one or more administrators to help maintain your page.

    1. Social Media Automation Tools

    Those of you managing different types of social media accounts, may want to look at automation tools. Popular services include HootSuiteHubpsotMavSocialSproutSocial, and Buffer all have the common ability to schedule and cross-post to multiple social media channels. Many services have a limited “free” account, as well as 30-day trials. Premium offerings include advanced tools for tracking the impact your social media campaign has in driving people to your business.

    It’s no secret that in today’s connected world, if you don’t have a social media presence, you don’t have a presence anywhere.


    We’ll be adding more tips in the coming months.