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Dock Repair Minneapolis

Dock Repair Minneapolis

It is only natural for a boat dock to start showing signs of wear and aging over the years. However, the challenge is determining with certainty when your dock in Minnesota is repairable and when it may be beyond the point of Dock Repair Minneapolis and will require replacement. It’s important to know the differences so you can avoid making a potentially costly and even hazardous mistake.

There are definitely situations where repair is a good choice that will allow your dock to remain in use for some time. On the other hand, docks can simply become too worn down. Steady deterioration can leave it in an unreliable state where one wrong step could cause an injury or worse.

To that end, we present the following rundown of some common warning signs to help dock and marina owners decide when it’s the right time for replacement.

-Warps and cracks forming on the dock supports. Depending upon the material from which your dock is made, the pressure from strong currents and waves can cause the structure to bend and warp. In additional, the impact of boats making contact with a dock that isn’t properly fitted with dock bumpers can result in damage. When that damage or bending becomes too great for Dock Repair Minneapolis, it can cause cracks to the dock supports.

If you’re noticing cracks on your dock supports or they appear bent, take action promptly. These are sure signs that your dock may need replacement. Dock Repair Minneapolis might be the solution if there are only a few cracks on an individual beam. However, if the cracks are affecting whole sections of the boat dock, the sole option is typically replacement.

-Foundation damage. This is a problem that can be very hazardous and calls for immediate solutions. Any signs of foundational cracking are a sign that additional assessment is necessary to verify it isn’t a sign of a bigger issue. In the event there is structural damage to the dock’s underwater foundation, replacement is almost certainly going to be necessary. Foundation problems are dangerous because it is what the whole dock structure sits upon. If you see any large cracks be sure to stop using the dock and schedule an inspection.

-Rusting supports and platforms. Since boat docks are in water there is naturally going to be an accumulation of moisture. Particularly with respect to metal docks, this moisture build-up can lead to the formation of rust on the structure’s supports.

-Several areas showing signs of wood rot. A minor degree of rot is normal for wood boat docks and can be resolved by Dock Repair Minneapolis. However, when the rotting spreads to multiple spots on your boat dock and is occurring simultaneously, getting repairs may actually be wasteful and replacement could well be the smarter investment.

-Dock supports cannot be installed at least four feet into the ground, With the exception of a floating boat dock, the support structures that will hold up your dock should be driven a minimum of four feet into the ground for stability.

The erosion of sand and rock beds can be the result of various water conditions over time, which in some cases make it impossible to achieve this four foot standard. If you are unable to set your support posts sufficiently deep in the ground, replacing your dock with a floating boat dock or simply choosing a different location might be your better options.

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