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New Boat Dock Nashville

New Boat Dock Nashville

So you’ve made the decision to construct a New Boat Dock Nashville – congratulations! A dock will enhance your enjoyment of the boating experience while also providing a safe place to keep your watercraft and for getting on and off the water.

However, are you aware of exactly what you’re going to need? It’s common for many newbies to find boat dock terminology tough to understand at first. No worries though – we enjoy providing useful information about our industry, so we are happy to help you gain a basic understanding of some terms commonly used in relation to boat docks. Getting familiar with some of the below terms will not just add to your overall knowledge of watercraft, but will help you stay informed during the construction and installation of your New Boat Dock Nashville.

-The boat roof. Made to provide protection for the components under it, the roof also supplies valuable shade. When choosing your boat roof, you can select from various styles including a hip, double hip or gable roof along with classic tile or R-panel metal.

-Slips. Perhaps the term most people have heard before, the slip is the area where you’ll park the boat. The slip typically has 2 parallel “fingers” on either side.

-Gangway. This component is what provides accessibility to the dock while also allowing the boat to remain in relatively deep water.
-Dock anchoring. The dock’s anchoring is what ensures that floating boat docks remain in place and won’t drift off. There are a few options to consider for dock anchoring including pile and stiff arm.

-Decking. The materials used to build decking, such as aluminum, concrete or composite, are what allows you to stand and place items upon your New Boat Dock Nashville.

-Flotation. This involves maintaining a floating dock’s buoyancy. Many dock floats may contain foam made through a strict manufacturing procedure.

-Railings. Most upper decks will typically have railings. The options usually include cable railing and dual-line aluminum rails from steel cables and aluminum rails.

-Bumpers. This critical part of a New Boat Dock Nashville provides reliable protection for your watercraft. Usually, the bumpers are on the edge of the docks.

-Boat Lifts. A lift is a plastic, large air tank which creates the buoyancy necessary to raise your craft out of the water.

-Personal watercraft lift. This form of lifting device prevents the boat from sinking and protects it while not in use.

-Cleats. This is what ties the boat to a dock and attaches to the decking surfaces.

-Dry dock. The location where boats are stored on land.

-Dock hardware. Includes connectors, fasteners and brackets, which are utilized in the design of boat docks.

-Rollers and wheels. Rubber or plastic devices that connect to a shaft that guides the boat into the slip.

-Ladders. A ladder for marine purposes utilized for climbing on the New Boat Dock Nashville or onto the boat when it’s in the water. Ladders are generally available in 3-step, 7-step ladder or taller versions. Manufactured from either stainless steel or aluminum.

-Life rings. Floatation devices that are used in emergency situations. (If someone were to fall overboard, for example.) The rings connect to a rope for pulling people in the boat from out of the water.

-Mooring rings and snubbers. The mooring ring is a metallic plate. Connects to the deck surface and the ring is for threading dock lines through. A mooring snubber is a rubber device which keeps the dock lines from breaking.

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